O it was a glorious time away!  two weeks is just about the right amount of time, I think.  Long enough to forget you are on vacation and so your really dig your heels into the fun and just when you begin to remember you might have had a life before~  it is time to leave and go home.

I miss the coast already!  I so love the beach!! the sea air and the breezes.  The rain and the shine combined in a nice mix.  All the seafood and all the time spent in your bathing suit and flip flops.  Sandy feet and sea crystal hair.  One day I will build my home there again.   Until that day I will visit when I can and plan and plan and plan.

We had a great time in Cocoa Beach, it is my old haunting ground after all.  Ate some super food and enjoyed all the natural environment one could stand.  Then it was off on the high seas!  for a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas!  Cruising was fun and we had some good food and enjoyable entertainment.  I found out that I would actually prefer to fly to my destination and spend more time and money there than on a ship.  It was a little on the crowded and noisy side for my taste.  A bit like Vegas on water.  I would still love to take an Alaskan cruise (have never seen those glaciers up close and would love the chance).  One never knows until one tries.

We enjoyed each others company and have some great memories and photos of a time well spent.  Back to our regularly scheduled program {with a little island time thrown in for good measure}.  een no ting, ereyting cool solja.

I’m On a Boat

Give me two weeks and I will return.

Until then, continue to spread your Joy!

I’m on Vacation.


Soon. . . .

Gathering Gold
**gathering gold**

Soon, within the next 48 hours we will be gone and on our way to a fabulous vacation for TWO WEEKS!  week one we will be in Cocoa Beach.  I will be sitting on the beach and relaxing for most of the time.  Some visiting with family members who may want to come to the beach to see us and a visit to the zoo.  Otherwise, BEACH.  Second week we will be on a cruise to the Bahamas!  we (the whole family) have never cruised before and have never been to the Bahamas so that will be a double perk.  Ports of call will be Freeport and Nassau.

Todays list includes getting out all the beach stuff (which is a lot).  We look like we are going on safari when we head out.  Then pulling out all the suitcases and beginning the packing process.  I also have a massage scheduled for ME!!!  that is a switch and a birthday dinner with a friend tonight.  Super!!

Have a marvelous day and I will check back in tomorrow before heading out.  Till then.   .  ..   …..

Easy Weekend

This weekend is simply easy because Next weekend we are leaving for a 2 week vacation!  you read that right 2 WEEKS!!  more about that later in the week.

Because Maria asked so nicely :)  I will tell you what I put in my Greek Pasta Salad from earlier in the week.  Ready?

Tri-colored noodles
Kalamata olives
feta cheese
cucumbers from the garden
fresh herbs
and balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Have a wonderful Friday!

Owl Art and More!

Owl Art
**Owl with a Heart**

I participated in a stitch marker swap on Ravelry and part of the package had to include something with a “heart”. The lady I am swapping with says she really, really likes owls so I decided to draw her a picture and incorporate the heart in the drawing. Ta~dah!
I don’t know, I think it’s cute.
[the swap was in a knitting group, hence the heart made of yarn; see how cleaver I am;)]

Here is the entire package I sent to her (when mine comes, I will be sure and share my goodies).

the package was a Zen theme so I made stitch markers out of Chinese coins I found at Michael’s (one of them is heart shaped, see how this all fits) I also included this cute little pinch case to put the markers in, a red owl magnet, a knitted bracelet I will post about later and some Nag Champa incense.  Now, honestly, if you were a knitter would you not love this package?  Hope you all have a wonderful day and may you get some wonderful surprise gifts along the way.

Peace~  Dawn

Lunch on My Sisters Birthday!

In case you are not interested in the post below, here is my lunch. It is my little sister’s birthday and I am celebrating. She lives in Georgia but that won’t stop me.
I am having a pitta with hummus, veggies and dip and some ice water because it is hotter than blazes out there.

Hope your day is a celebration, too!!


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